3 more for February

35/366 – Zipping Around the Driveway

I washed my car up on this Saturday and really wanted to get some shots of it. Unfortunately by the time I was able to shoot it I had lost most of my light. I decided to break out my rig boom and play around in the driveway instead and came up with this. Shot with a 20mm f/2.8 lens on a D700 hung on the end of a 15′ 3 piece rig boom made by someone by the name of VisualEchos on Flickr (he also has a Facebook page under the name “Rig Pro”). Believe it or not this is just my 3rd ever rig shot, I definitely want to practice more.


36/366 – Zoey Checking Her Flickr Views

Zoey standing at my lap top on the coffee table. I had set my Flickr page up to slideshow and she was watching the pictures like she loves to do. Lately she has been grabbing the mouse and sort of sliding it back and forth since she always see us doing it, I know one day before I know it she’ll actually know how to use the computer (probably better than I can). Shot with my 50mm f/1.4 Sigma lens on my D700, wide open with just the available light.


37/366 – My Pretty Zoey

What can I say, I love my daughter and think she’s just the most beautiful little girl ever 🙂 She had her hair done in little braids in the back by her Aunt “Lolo” (aka Aunt Lori), and was lucky enough to get to play with Aunt Lolo’s necklace for a while. I grabbed my camera and threw on my ring flash to get the shot. I was hoping she’d turn to look at me but I really do love the candid aspect of this one and how she’s examining the necklace.


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