updates continued….

20/366 – Photo of a 35mm Slide

A 35mm slide I shot back in early spring of 2011 of my daughter Zoey playing on a playground. I thought it would be neat to do a macro of the slide so I set it on some mylar paper which was elevated slightly above a Lumiquest LTP softbox which had an sb-700 attached to it.


21/366 – Snow

Well this was about the extent of the snow we have received this winter which is pretty weak for us. I wanted to get an individual snow flake but by the time I had a chance t get outside it had warmed up a little and the snow had stopped, so I instead settled for some fresh snow laying on top of a little bush.


22/366 – Threading the Needle

A close up of a piece of thread going through the eyelet of a small needle.


23/366 – Sharp Claw

The very sharp claw of one of my cats. Lucy is the sweetest and most gentle cat there is but underneath it all she does have sharp claws; luckily she wouldn’t even know how to use them since she’s not the brightest 😉


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