I’m still here… update

Hello? Anyone still around? I must have gotten lost somewhere in the past couple of weeks because I definitely wasn’t here. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here and have still been shooting on a daily basis. I’ve just had some things come up and it has left me little time to edit and upload photos and even less time to post up blog entries… there’s just never enough hours in a day. Anyways, I have been shooting still and have recently found some time to edit a few and will update this blog in batches til I am caught up.

12/366 – what keeps me going

I don’t know what I’d do without coffee, I definitely would not be able to stay awake as much as I do on a daily basis. I am in fact a caffeine addict and my place of worship is Starbucks 🙂

13/366 – Oh Baby I like it Raw

Sugar in the raw that is 😉 I thought I’d keep the coffee theme going with sugar this day, after all I can’t have my coffee without sugar and I only use sugar in the raw.

14/366 – Little Lego Man

I recently got myself a little Lego man with a camera so I thought I’d use him as a subject. I wasn’t happy with most of my compositions but then I remembered a shot I did a while back holding a lens in one hand and shooting through it (with a lens on my camera). So that’s what I decided to do here. To keep it “macro” I used my macro lens, a Tamron 90mm f/2.8, as the lens I would shoot through. I set the lens on the table and then aimed my 135mm f/2DC through it (I had to tape the aperture of the Tamron open since it does not have an aperture ring, there’s a little metal tab on the bottom that allows that). This was my result and I’m pretty happy with it.

15/366 – Inherited Jewels

OK maybe not jewels but I’m really not sure what they are. This is a very close up of a ring that once belonged to my Opa (German term for Grandpa). I thought the texture and detail would make for an interesting shot so that’s what I went for. I used all my tubes plus teleconverter and a reversed lens so I was pretty close, it makes for pretty difficult composing and focusing but it does give you some pretty sweet results.

More to come…..


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