11/366 – water on a blade of grass

11/366 - water on a blade of grass

I recently saw an amazing shot by a Flickr user named Lord V he is a master of macro and produces some truly unbelievable images. Well the image I saw was of water drops on a blade of grass with a flower being refracted in the drops, it is pretty amazing. I read his tutorial on doing it and thought I’d give it a try. I failed big time, mostly b/c I was limited to grabbing a handful of grass and bringing it inside and then deciding to work in a small area, oh and I also didn’t have a flower to put in the back, so yea I was doomed from the start. I figured I’d just take the opportunity tto get some good shots of water droplets on the blade of grass and that’s what I did. This here is a large drop on top of a blade of grass and a small droplet on the side/bottom. The blue is from a Cookie Monster toy that was just in the back (it worked well to add some color, wish I planned it that way).
Overall I really like the shot and realize it’s just the beginning, I plan on trying more like this and even have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for next time.

Photo Details: Nikon D700, 20mm f/2.8 reversed on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG on 3 Zeikos tubes (12, 20, 36), lens at f/2.8, 1/200th, iso 200.

1 sb-600 camera left at 1/4 power in a Lumiquest LTP softbox, triggered with RF-602’s


9 thoughts on “11/366 – water on a blade of grass

  1. I really love your pictures, they are great! And as I started a 365 (6) photo-project of my own, it is fun to see other people doing the same!
    I also have a question for you: I really love macro-photography and I will buy myself a macro lens… but… I don’t know which one to buy…there is so much on the market.
    I have a Canon Eos 60D. I know you have a Nikon, but maybe you can help me anyway. Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you so much. I apologize for the delay getting back to you, I thought I had replied and then got tied up elsewhere and was unable to attend to my blog for a while so I do apologize. As for what lens to buy, I wouldn’t go too crazy just yet. Maybe first try some close up filters for your lenses, or maybe some extension tubes which will go between your lens and body and increase the magnification creating a macro lens out of an ordinary lens. I bought the Zeikos extension tubes from Amazon for about $70 and they are great, they maintain autofocus and metering (although with macro I normally use manual focus since the autofocus doesn’t really work well in such tight spaces). If you don’t mind losing the metering function you can even get a set of tubes for under $20 which isn’t bad at all (I wish I did that and saved some money). Other than that I know Tokina makes a nice and somewhat affordable 35mm f/2.8 macro lens, and then there’s the Canon macro that is like a super macro, it does more than 1:1 magnification all the way to something like 6:1 (basically similar to my macro plus all my tubes put together, talk about close, I wish Nikon had something like that). Good luck with whatever route you choose to go, it is a lot of fun.

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