8/366 – Butterfly


I just realized I forgot to share my photo for the 8th day of my 366 project. Keeping with the macro theme of January it is a butterfly up close and personal. We had visited our local aquarium (which we have a season pass for) and stopped by their butterfly exhibit where I had 1 thing in mind… getting a nice close up of a butterfly. I went in prepared with my 90mm macro lens and a flash which I hand held out with my left hand. There were plenty of photo ops inside and the tough part was choosing what to shoot and then choosing what to edit and share. I liked this particular image because of the detail on the butterfly’s eye and his coiled up tongue (or whatever it is called). I also got a few good shots of ladybug’s while inside and even a great portrait of my daughter Zoey (see below for those 2 bonus images).

Photo Details: Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 @ f/32, 1/200th, iso 2200.

1 sb-600 bare, hand held camera left at 1/4 power, triggered with RF-602’s.

Bonus Photos:
A ladybug on top of a flower

and a quick impromptu portrait of my daughter Zoey while we were at the butterfly exhibit


2 thoughts on “8/366 – Butterfly

    • Thank you 🙂 I plan on posting up some “bonus” photos from time to time, either ones that didn’t make the cut as my choice for “photo of the day” or even completely unrelated shots. I’m also hoping to do some posts about the gear I’m using.

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