7/366 – Beneath the Skin’s Surface

7/366 - Beneath the Skin's Surface

I wanted to attempt this for a little while but never realized just how tough it would be to photograph, an extreme close up, of your own arm while hand holding the camera in the other hand. Sure I could have put the camera on a tripod (it’s a D700 with a grip so it has a little weight to it, surely not the easiest to hold with one hand, esp. when you’re going for macro) and then tethered it to my laptop to compose and fire but what fun is that? I decided to make things difficult by holding the camera in my right hand and trying to aim, compose, and hold steady for a shot of the inside of my left elbow, also known as the “ditch” (which is one of the most painful parts of the arm to have tattooed next to the funny bone and wrist bones). These little triangle type shapes with a touch of green in them are actually scales to a dragon that wraps up and around my arm, the scales are less than 1/8″ across to give you an idea of the size and the magnification. Oh and I realized, after the fact, that I forgot to clean up the dust spots on the image so I apologize for that. I must say though, ever since cleaning my sensor with the Copper Hill cleaning kit, it has been significantly cleaner. Before the cleaning I would have to spend about 20+ minutes trying to clean all the dust spots but now days later I’m only finding maybe half a dozen small spots to clean, not bad at all (things I never noticed before since I don’t normally ever stop down past f/4).

Photo Details:
Nikon D700, Nikkor 35mm f/2D reversed on a Nikkor 1.7TC on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG, f/22 on the lens, 1/200th, iso 200.

1 Alien Bee B800 camera right with standard 7″ reflector at 1/4 power, triggered with RF-602’s.

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