5/366 – Vinyl is Not Dead

5/366 – Vinyl is Not Dead. It’s not, it just has a new place in a music collection as more of a collectible than a source of music. This is a new limited edition colored ep we just got (we’re suckers for colored vinyl), it’s the H2O holiday ep of them covering a Mighty Mighty Bosstones song, limited to a run of 500 which was sold out pretty quick. I decided I’d aim my macro lens towards the grooves on the ep figuring the texture and color might make for an interesting shot. After playing around a lot with the composition, trying to capture the grooves on the vinyl as well as the change in color (since it is a 2 color vinyl), I finally captured an image I was happy with.

Photo Details:
Nikon D700 with a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 lens on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG @ f/64 (yes, f/64… that’s a long ways from f/2 where I like to be), 1/80th, iso 320.

Strobist: 1 sb-600 camera right at full power with a snoot (black “fun foam” from the craft store rubberbanded around the flash, I’m cheap), triggered with RF-602’s. I also had a large silver/gold reflector to the left that I was originally going to incorporate but after dialing in my settings it didn’t add much to the shot.

2 thoughts on “5/366 – Vinyl is Not Dead

  1. Hi, I discovered your blog the other day and decided right away to follow you. Your pics are amazing. And this one is just superb. Fantastic focus and light. I’m doing a 366 project as well this year and I’m trying to find as much inspiration out there as possible. You truly inspire, and I guess I need to buy myself a new macro lens one of this days when I can get my hands on some extra money. 🙂

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