4/366 – African Violet

4/366 - African Violet

4/366 – African Violet. 4 days in and I’m already having trouble finding new macro subjects. I started off trying more shots of eyes, first I attempted to get a shot of my daughter’s eye as she sat on my lap (one did come out) and then I went and started to blind my cats by attempting to get a shot of their eyes. After some decent shots I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a second day of an eye macro so I started to look for other subjects, that’s when Terri mentioned some African Violets downstairs on the counter. I headed down and began to play, composing various shots of different flowers with different lens/flash combos. I wanted to do a 2 flash shot, 1 in the back behind the subject and a ringflash, it was a great idea but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so after a few tweaks I ended up hand holding a bare sb-600 over the flower (later I realized, the reason it wasn’t working out was that I forgot to turn the backlight’s wireless receiver on… doh!). I ended up using my new favorite set up, a reversed 35mm f/2D on a Kenko extension tube mounted on a Nikon 1.7 teleconverter, this combo seems to get me the most magnification so I like it. I found myself drawn to the stamen of the violet and tried a number of compositions trying to get the sparkly petals to act as a nice backdrop/frame (this is uncropped btw), during this shot I also noticed a tiny visitor checking out the petals and was lucky enough to catch him down on the bottom of the frame.

Photo Details:
Nikon D700, 35mm f/2D reversed on a kenko uniplustube 25dg on a Nikkor 1.7TC at f/22, 1/125th, iso 400.

1 sb-600 hand held above flower at 1/2 power, triggered with RF-602’s
1 sb-700 camera left ihn an LTP softbox not doing a single thing since I forgot to switch the receiver on… doh!

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