3/366 – Up Close With My Eye

3/366 - up close with my eye

For my third day of macro shots I decided to shoot a pretty basic and popular subject for macro: a human eye. I decided to set my camera on a tripod in front of a chair and attempt to shoot my own eye (you’ll shoot your eye out), which made things a bit trickier. The thing I’ve found with macro, especially when using tubes and/or reversed lenses, is that focusing is nearly impossible. With tubes it isn’t too bad but with a reversed lens with a tube and a teleconverter it’s a pretty daunting task getting enough light through to see what you’re doing (I use the old trick I learned when using a 10 stop ND filter which is to focus/compose via the LCD screen on the back, you can crank up the brightness enough to sort of see what you’re doing). I did a few test shots on myself using my reversed 35mm f/2 on a extension tube on a teleconverter which were close (I figured if I aligned my eye with the tiny ball of light in the middle of the lens I’d at least be in the ballpark), before Terri volunteered to get in front of the lens. We had some issues with the positioning of her eye in regards to the camera on the tripod (it was too high and she had to keep reaching upwards, it wasn’t the most efficient method). After a few close calls I noticed my sensor was completely covered in filth from a quick attempt at cleaning it with a dry dust brush (I must have hit the side of the chamber and picked up a little bit of grease and smeared it on the sensor :-x). Well long story short, I ended up doing a full wet cleaning on the sensor which was severely overdue and everything is better than it was before. After the sensor was cleaned I did some test shots using just my Tamron 90mm macro on an extension tube and, due to the large depth of field/less magnification of the set up, I was able to get a couple good ones in just a few attempts. The one pictured here was one of the last shots. It was lit with a speedlight in a “DIY-Lighting-Kits” ringflash and the original image was cropped down about 1/3 of the total size (the first day of macro shots was uncropped and the strawberry was very slightly cropped).

Photo details:
D700 with a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 lens on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG @ f/32, 1/125th, iso 500.

Strobist: 1 sb-600 in manual at full power in a DIY-Lighting-Kits ringflash hand held around the lens and triggered with a Nikon TTL cord.

Link to the ringflash which is well worth the money if, like me, you can’t afford an Orbis

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