Welcome to my 366 Project blog.

Welcome to my blog dedicated to my photo a day project for 2012.  I hope to shoot 366 consecutive photos, one each day, for the entire year of 2012 (which is a leap year).  I’ve done a random photo a day project once which was unsuccessful, which was followed up by a much more successful photo a day dedicated to my daughter Zoey’s first year of life.  That last project ended in March of 2011 and since then there has been something missing, so I thought why not start up another project 🙂

This year I wanted to have a theme but didn’t want to be limited to just one subject (not that there’s anything wrong with another 366 photos of Zoey), so I decided to do 12 separate themes, one for each month.  I haven’t finalized all themes as of yet but do have a number of ideas in my head.  I’m starting the year off with a January theme dedicated to “Macro”.  I may ask for suggestions as the year goes on and perhaps even make polls so please stay tuned.

Thanks for joining me here and I hope you enjoy this year of photos as much as I will enjoy creating them.

– Jon

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