2/366 – Strawberry Leaf

2/366 - Strawberry Leaf

Day 2 of “macro month” and today’s subject is a strawberry. I originally planned on going outside to find something interesting but after 5 minutes in the cold I decided to head indoors and see what I could find in there (we’ve been spoiled this winter, it has only dropped below freezing maybe once or twice and generally we’re right around 50 degrees but this day was near freezing brrrr). I thought a strawberry would make for a good subject with its nice red color and interesting seeds so that’s what I went for. After playing around for a bit with various compositions I found I was drawn to the texture and color of the leaf in contrast to the redness of the berry itself. It took me a number of shots to get what I wanted due to the technique I was attempting (I Macgyver’ed a macro set up this time with a 35mm f/2D lens reversed on a 1.7x tele converter which was sitting on an extension tube, it got me super close but was a pita to use).

Photo Details:
D700, Nikkor 35mm f/2D reversed on a Nikkor 1.7tc which was on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG. Shot at f/22, 1/250th, iso 500.

Strobist: 1 sb-700 camera left in a Lumiquest LTP softbox at full power, 1 sb-600 camera right with a homemade snoot at 1/20th, both triggered with CLS.

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