1/366 Time for a New 365 Project

Time to start up a new photo a day project, aka 365 project, aka 366 project since this is a leap year.  I’m starting off the year with a month of macro shots and this first one is a shot of the face of my watch.  Nothing too special, I just thought it was fitting and Like my watch so there it is (it’s a Timex from J Crew, so I paid about 50x more than it’s worth for it but I really liked how it had that vintage look and weathered feel to it that you can’t get with a brand new Timex, also I really liked their selection of canvas bands which I just switched up from orange to red, thanks to my wife Terri).

Photo details:

Nikon D700 with a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens and a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG @ f/20, 1/200th, iso 500.

Strobist: 1 sb-700 camera left in a Lumiquest LTP softbox at 1/25th power, triggered with CLS.

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