3 more for February

35/366 – Zipping Around the Driveway

I washed my car up on this Saturday and really wanted to get some shots of it. Unfortunately by the time I was able to shoot it I had lost most of my light. I decided to break out my rig boom and play around in the driveway instead and came up with this. Shot with a 20mm f/2.8 lens on a D700 hung on the end of a 15′ 3 piece rig boom made by someone by the name of VisualEchos on Flickr (he also has a Facebook page under the name “Rig Pro”). Believe it or not this is just my 3rd ever rig shot, I definitely want to practice more.


36/366 – Zoey Checking Her Flickr Views

Zoey standing at my lap top on the coffee table. I had set my Flickr page up to slideshow and she was watching the pictures like she loves to do. Lately she has been grabbing the mouse and sort of sliding it back and forth since she always see us doing it, I know one day before I know it she’ll actually know how to use the computer (probably better than I can). Shot with my 50mm f/1.4 Sigma lens on my D700, wide open with just the available light.


37/366 – My Pretty Zoey

What can I say, I love my daughter and think she’s just the most beautiful little girl ever 🙂 She had her hair done in little braids in the back by her Aunt “Lolo” (aka Aunt Lori), and was lucky enough to get to play with Aunt Lolo’s necklace for a while. I grabbed my camera and threw on my ring flash to get the shot. I was hoping she’d turn to look at me but I really do love the candid aspect of this one and how she’s examining the necklace.


Welcome to black & white February…

32/366 – Sidney

Meet Sidney. She’s one of my 2 cats, both are Maine Coons. She is quite the character and is definitely a very self confident cat who thinks she is boss.


33/366 – Pasta Carbonara

An overhead view of a delicious dinner my wife made. It was pasta carbonara which had pieces of bacon in it as well, it was yummy.


34/366 – Zoey

A portrait of my daughter Zoey (who will be 2 in March, wow) while she was playing with her toy ice cream cones and cupcakes one night before bed. I set up an Apollo 28 softbox with an sb-700 speedlight inside off to the right and used a 70-200mm f/2.8VR to make the background hallway as least distracting as possible.

wrapping up “macro” January…

Wrapping up the end of January and therefore the end of my month of macro photos. February will be a month of black and white photos so stay tuned 🙂

28/366 – Here’s Looking at You

Here’s a surprise option I found on my new (used) car… in one of the tail lights there was this dead bug just stuck there gazing at himself in the reflective chrome trim that went around the outside of the light. At first I thought it was a piece of lint from a towel after washing the car but upon closer inspection I found this little fella. I don’t know if he’s some sort of albino fly or just lost all of his color after he died but either way he’s cool and creepy all at the same time.


29/366 – Zoey’s Little Vans

A close up of the cute little Vans tag on one of Zoey’s “Hello Kitty” sneakers. I loved the colors on the sneaker and overall just love the sneakers.


30/366 – Cricket in the Basement

While photographing some wheels in the basement I had noticed this little cricket hanging out watching me. After finishing up with the wheels I decided to grab y macro lens, with 4 extension tubes, as well as my flash, and get a nice portrait of him. I got lucky and he let me get nice and close for the shot without hopping away from me.


31/366 – 35mm f/2D

My Nikkor 35mm f/2D lens. Although this is pretty much by far my cheapest lens it has become my most used and most favorite in the time I have owned it. I bought is used for about $200 and wasn’t even sure how much I’d use it. It didn’t get much love at all for the first month or two I owned it, usually getting bypassed for my 50mm f/1.4 instead, but at one point I decided to make an effort to really make the most of it to see how I liked it and boy was I surprised. I fell in love with the semi-wide field of view of the 35mm on full frame as well as the physical size of the lens (it’s tiny). I now find myself using this in all sorts of situations and find it stays on my camera most of the time as my “default” lens. As an added bonus, I found it works great reversed as a macro lens. Sure I’d trade it for the newer, much much larger, faster, and a lot more expensive (8x more expensive) 35mm f/1.4 but in the mean time I’m just fine with this one.


Next month is February so stay tuned for a month of black and white photos.

even more updates…

24/366 – New Wheels

Well this day I decided to break my macro theme for the month and instead use a shot I took of my new-to-me Mini Cooper S 🙂 (hey I made the rules so I can break them). I’ve always liked these Mini’s, my wife actually has a Clubman, and I’ve been so tempted to drive an S with a stick shift. Well I got my wish, this was actually the first one I test drove and fell in love right away. The normal Cooper is fund to drive don’t get me wrong, but the S with the supercharger and 6 speed standard transmission is basically a go-kart on steroids, I love it. I’ve got a bunch of plans for the car so don’t be surprised to see more shots popping up throughout the year 🙂 (I’ll be lowering it with coilovers by spring b/c I can’t stand the wheelgap).


25/366 – Max Sync

1/125th = the max flash sync speed of my Nikon FE 35mm camera. I love how they mark it with the red numbers although I wish it had a faster sync of maybe 1/200th or 1/250th since I do like to break out my strobes with it from time to time.


26/366 – Liberty

A super close up of an American quarter dollar and the first 2 letters of the word “Liberty”. I was inspired by a friend’s recent shot of a quarter and decided to go as close as possible with all of my extension tubes, a teleconverter, and a reversed 20mm lens (I’ve found this is the largest magnification I can get with my current gear).


27/366 – Win for Life

Unfortunately I did not win anything on this lottery ticket 😦 I do know if I did win big I already have a few pieces of camera gear I’d treat myself to including a new body, either a D4 or D800e, and some new lenses including the 200mm f/2VR and a 400mm f/2.8 as well as a 24mm f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4… I can dream can’t I?

updates continued….

20/366 – Photo of a 35mm Slide

A 35mm slide I shot back in early spring of 2011 of my daughter Zoey playing on a playground. I thought it would be neat to do a macro of the slide so I set it on some mylar paper which was elevated slightly above a Lumiquest LTP softbox which had an sb-700 attached to it.


21/366 – Snow

Well this was about the extent of the snow we have received this winter which is pretty weak for us. I wanted to get an individual snow flake but by the time I had a chance t get outside it had warmed up a little and the snow had stopped, so I instead settled for some fresh snow laying on top of a little bush.


22/366 – Threading the Needle

A close up of a piece of thread going through the eyelet of a small needle.


23/366 – Sharp Claw

The very sharp claw of one of my cats. Lucy is the sweetest and most gentle cat there is but underneath it all she does have sharp claws; luckily she wouldn’t even know how to use them since she’s not the brightest 😉

More Updates…

16/366 – Frost on a car

Just a thin layer of snow that had settled on to one of our cars.


17/366 – Vans Shirt Label

The classic Vans logo on a tag on a new shirt I got. I love the classic logo on the red.


18/366 – M&M’s

Some colorful M&M’s.


19/366 – Cupcake Frosting

A very close up shot of some frosting on a Hostess cupcake, the white is their trademark white swirl.

I’m still here… update

Hello? Anyone still around? I must have gotten lost somewhere in the past couple of weeks because I definitely wasn’t here. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here and have still been shooting on a daily basis. I’ve just had some things come up and it has left me little time to edit and upload photos and even less time to post up blog entries… there’s just never enough hours in a day. Anyways, I have been shooting still and have recently found some time to edit a few and will update this blog in batches til I am caught up.

12/366 – what keeps me going

I don’t know what I’d do without coffee, I definitely would not be able to stay awake as much as I do on a daily basis. I am in fact a caffeine addict and my place of worship is Starbucks 🙂

13/366 – Oh Baby I like it Raw

Sugar in the raw that is 😉 I thought I’d keep the coffee theme going with sugar this day, after all I can’t have my coffee without sugar and I only use sugar in the raw.

14/366 – Little Lego Man

I recently got myself a little Lego man with a camera so I thought I’d use him as a subject. I wasn’t happy with most of my compositions but then I remembered a shot I did a while back holding a lens in one hand and shooting through it (with a lens on my camera). So that’s what I decided to do here. To keep it “macro” I used my macro lens, a Tamron 90mm f/2.8, as the lens I would shoot through. I set the lens on the table and then aimed my 135mm f/2DC through it (I had to tape the aperture of the Tamron open since it does not have an aperture ring, there’s a little metal tab on the bottom that allows that). This was my result and I’m pretty happy with it.

15/366 – Inherited Jewels

OK maybe not jewels but I’m really not sure what they are. This is a very close up of a ring that once belonged to my Opa (German term for Grandpa). I thought the texture and detail would make for an interesting shot so that’s what I went for. I used all my tubes plus teleconverter and a reversed lens so I was pretty close, it makes for pretty difficult composing and focusing but it does give you some pretty sweet results.

More to come…..

11/366 – water on a blade of grass

11/366 - water on a blade of grass

I recently saw an amazing shot by a Flickr user named Lord V he is a master of macro and produces some truly unbelievable images. Well the image I saw was of water drops on a blade of grass with a flower being refracted in the drops, it is pretty amazing. I read his tutorial on doing it and thought I’d give it a try. I failed big time, mostly b/c I was limited to grabbing a handful of grass and bringing it inside and then deciding to work in a small area, oh and I also didn’t have a flower to put in the back, so yea I was doomed from the start. I figured I’d just take the opportunity tto get some good shots of water droplets on the blade of grass and that’s what I did. This here is a large drop on top of a blade of grass and a small droplet on the side/bottom. The blue is from a Cookie Monster toy that was just in the back (it worked well to add some color, wish I planned it that way).
Overall I really like the shot and realize it’s just the beginning, I plan on trying more like this and even have a couple of tricks up my sleeve for next time.

Photo Details: Nikon D700, 20mm f/2.8 reversed on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG on 3 Zeikos tubes (12, 20, 36), lens at f/2.8, 1/200th, iso 200.

1 sb-600 camera left at 1/4 power in a Lumiquest LTP softbox, triggered with RF-602’s

8/366 – Butterfly


I just realized I forgot to share my photo for the 8th day of my 366 project. Keeping with the macro theme of January it is a butterfly up close and personal. We had visited our local aquarium (which we have a season pass for) and stopped by their butterfly exhibit where I had 1 thing in mind… getting a nice close up of a butterfly. I went in prepared with my 90mm macro lens and a flash which I hand held out with my left hand. There were plenty of photo ops inside and the tough part was choosing what to shoot and then choosing what to edit and share. I liked this particular image because of the detail on the butterfly’s eye and his coiled up tongue (or whatever it is called). I also got a few good shots of ladybug’s while inside and even a great portrait of my daughter Zoey (see below for those 2 bonus images).

Photo Details: Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm f/2.8 @ f/32, 1/200th, iso 2200.

1 sb-600 bare, hand held camera left at 1/4 power, triggered with RF-602’s.

Bonus Photos:
A ladybug on top of a flower

and a quick impromptu portrait of my daughter Zoey while we were at the butterfly exhibit

10/366 – Turn On Tune In Drop Out

10/366 - Turn On Tune In Drop Out

I’ve wanted to attempt shooting the pixels on a TV screen for a while and tonight I thought I’d give it a try. I learned rather quickly this is a lot harder than I expected. I set my camera up just an inch or so from the TV screen, a large screen LED HDTV which I had been watching a hockey game on, I paused it and used the bright ice surface as a target (not that it matters since at the pixel level it looks nothing like ice). I needed a tripod and even then it was extremely tough getting the right focus (focus rails would have been a good thing to have and also if I used my remote it would have helped as well, I did use Mirror Up mode which made a difference in keeping things a little more stable). So yea that’s that, I loaded up all my extension tubes (25mm, 12mm, 20mm, 36mm) and my 1.7tc which I then mounted my reversing ring on and mounted a 20mm f/2.8 on there which got me super close.

Photo Details: Nikon D700, 20mm f/2.8 reversed on a Nikon 1.7tc on a Kenko Uniplustube 25DG on 3 Zeikos tubes (12, 20, 36) @ f/4 on the lens, 1/30th, iso 1600.